Island Of Galveston

The Cosmopolitan
"The Galveston Tragedy"
November, 1900

An original article, translated into web format with no editing. Some of the article may be construed as racially biased, but is faithful to the original for historical accuracy of the journalists of that time.
10 pages, 14 pictures

The Living Age
"The Life of Jean Lafitte,
The Pirate of the Mexican Gulf"
March 6, 1852
Volume 32, Issue 407
P 433,

Harper's Weekly
Saturday, January 31, 1863

Harper's Weekly
October 27, 1866

Scribner's Monthly
The Great South: Glimpses of Texas, II
February, 1874
Edward King: pp. 401-431

The Living Age
" Mrs. Houstoun's Yacht Voyage to Texas"
September 28, 1844
Volume 2, Issue 20
pp 476-479

Harper's New Monthly Magazine
"Through Texas"
October 1879
Volume 59, Issue 353
pp 703-719

Harper's New Monthly Magazine
"Western Journalism"
October, 1888
Volume 77, Issue 461
pp 685-686

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