Angela Von Lintel Lobitz

.....These paintings in a circle...what are they? Mandela is a Sanskrit word which means circle. The circle symbolizes the cosmos in its entirety. In the center lies eternity, and the center point symbolizes God -- the square which sis often used with the circle symbolizes the earth.

.....Mandelas may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. They may be in the form of concentric circles or divided into four equal parts thereby defining the four directions: North, East, South and West, and the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. When divided thusly, a cross is formed. In this cross is the rotation of the four points to the center and through the center to each other, hence we have crossroads where all things meet and from which all things are possible.

.....Since 1981, when the Mandelas first began for Angela, they have fulfilled a need in her to express the awe she feels in the natural world and to share this sense of the awesomeness of God's creation with others -- the Mandelas have also been helpful as she journeys on her spiritual path -- a mirror for things within which are difficult to articulate in words and often are vague feelings and intuitions seeking attention and/or healing.

..... We are a part of all the diversity of creation, all parts interwoven in one wholeness of being. When one part is damaged we all are damaged.

.....We are a circle -- a circle of being.






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